Eco-Live Beauty exclusively distributes La Chinata’s products in USA. La Chinata is a Spanish company that has been developing organic cosmetic products and are currently sold in over 10 different countries around the world.

 We provide organic skincare products that are great for all types of skin. Our products are safe to use, especially for people with sensitive skin that are prone to harsh chemicals. Particularly because most of our products are at least 95% organic and from a natural origin.

 The growing demand for healthy and natural cosmetics, in addition to the urgency of taking care of our planet, arises from the need to choose nutritious food over ultra-processed food. We believe that the products we use on our skin should be as authentic, complete and equally loaded with the same nutrients as the foods we eat.

 We have added superfoods to our incredible formulas and extracted nothing but the best to nourish the skin and make it shine on its own since health is reflected in beauty. Super foods are ingredients that take care of the body, skin and hair with incredible concentrates of vitamins, minerals, collagen, and amino acids that are naturally present. Applied in cosmetics, our skin feeds on superfoods such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Kale, Spirulina, Karite, Camu Camu, Pomegranate, Coconut, Turmeric, Cacao, Beeswax, Avocado, Chlorella, Ginger, Cherries, Quinoa or Chia, among others, providing immense properties, omegas , and vitamins to enrich the skin.

 Our newest line OLIVITA has been awarded the Ecocert Cosmos Organic Certification. This is known as one of the most prestigious certifications in the cosmetic industry for any organic skin care product. The certification proofs the OLIVITA products are; at least 95% organic, have an environmentally friendly production and processing, have responsible use of natural resources, practice respectful biodiversity, have the absence of any petrochemical ingredients or GMO in the products, and use recyclable packaging to reduce waste.

 This is very well aligned with our company because we practice and strive for an environmentally friendly culture and lifestyle. We believe in global warming and in the conservation of our natural resources as much as we can, therefore we push for reusable energy to become the new norm. As a company, we want to become as green as we can and offer products that are as natural as possible while still delivering a positive outcome and staying true to our principles.

 All of our products are clinically tested, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and are never tested on animals. Our mission is to provide customers with a product that will possibly change their life and the life of others. Our products work and convey a story. Nothing is better than the earth's natural antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins to protect, hydrate, and renew your skin. Stop using petrochemical, corrosive, or synthetic substances that either don't work, damage your skin, or aren't environmentally friendly. Let’s take a step in the right direction and help us FEED YOUR SKIN!