La Chinata

Hand and Nail Cream with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Honey

La Chinata Honey Hand and Nail Cream is a product with great moisturizing and nourishing power thanks to its base in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and honey. In addition to these two actives, the formula also contains royal jelly, almond oil, shea butter, propolis, and keratin. A combination of ingredients improves the hydration of the hands, nourishing them and intensifying the elasticity of the skin, thus repairing possible cracks and dryness as well as other skin conditions.

Its texture, soft and pleasant, makes it easy to absorb quickly without leaving a greasy feeling on the hands. Likewise, it gives off a pleasant and soft aroma.

Apply to the hands and extend to the nails with gentle massages on clean and dry skin as many times as necessary.

Content: 75ml.

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