La Chinata

Miracle Oil

La Chinata Miracle Oil is a multifunction elixir with a large percentage of Extra Virgin Olive Oil that deeply hydrates and nourishes our skin as well as our face and hair.

It is an “off-road” dry oil that has extraordinary moisturizing agents that soften and leave a radiant appearance, without leaving residues and fast absorption, which also offers firming and antioxidant properties thanks to its formula with tepescohuite and immortelle.

It has multiple applications; It is recommended to add a few drops of oil in the bathroom, or next to your facial cream both day and night, as well as after sun exposure. You can also apply a drop mixed with makeup as it leaves a more natural effect.

Also, for hair care, you can apply a few drops of oil on the ends with damp hair and do not rinse. In the same way, as a mask, more medium is applied to the ends, it is left to act for 10 minutes and the hair is washed afterwards.

Content: 100 ml.

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